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Human Resource Management- Overtime Pay

Policy and Procedure

Subject Area: Payroll
Policy Title: Overtime Pay
Policy / Procedure No: PAY004
Responsible Office: HR/Payroll Service Center
Documents Needed: Time Exception and Time Sheet Summary Reports available on the HRM website or at the HR/Payroll Service Center at 250 Columbus Place

PURPOSE: To define the University's overtime policy.

SCOPE: All non-exempt University employees.

POLICY: Federal wage and hour laws require that employers pay an overtime "premium" rate to non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours in any given work week.

Northeastern's overtime policy is to pay non-exempt office, support and technical staff employees who are regularly-scheduled to work 35 hours per week and who work over 35 hours up to 40 hours a premium rate at time and 1/6; all non-exempt employees who work over 40 hours in any given work week are paid time and 1/2. PROCEDURE:

1. Employee completes and signs Time Exception or Time Sheet Summary Report and submits it to his/her supervisor.

2. Supervisor with approving authority reviews report for accuracy, signs it, and sends it to the HR/Payroll Service Center for processing by 4:30 on Monday so that the employee is paid that week.

3. Payroll Operations staff adjusts the employee's pay to reflect overtime pay.

4. The employee receives payment in the next regular pay cycle.


Time Exception Reports are used for office, support and technical staff. Time Sheet Summary Reports are to be used for Non-Student Temporary Employees. re to be used for office, support, and technical staff only. Hourly-paid employees are paid overtime through the regular payroll warrant process.