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Human Resource Management - Direct Deposit of Pay

Policy and Procedure

Subject Area: Payroll
Policy Title: Direct Deposit of Pay
Policy / Procedure No: PAY003
Responsible Office: HR/Payroll Service Center
Documents Needed: Direct Deposit Authorization Form available on the HRM Website or at 250 CP

PURPOSE: To electronically transfer an employee's net pay into his/her financial institution of choice. Direct deposit is a proven method of payment that eliminates the need for paper paychecks.

SCOPE: All University employees.

DEFINITIONS: Direct deposit is the process of automatically transferring net pay into accounts at financial institutions via a highly reliable electronic payment system called the Automated Clearing House Network.

POLICY: Currently, all employees are required to be paid via direct deposit. Rather than receiving a paycheck on payday, the employee's net pay is automatically deposited into an account at the financial institution of choice.

Employees can view their pay information on-line use HRConnect


    1. Employee completes authorization form and sends it to the HR/Payroll Service Center.

    2. HR/Payroll Service Center updates the employee's pay record and notifies the employee's financial institution via the automated pre-note process.

    3. The employee's net pay is electronically transferred 24 hours before payday so the employee's bank account is credited on payday.


Direct Deposit Authorization forms must be completed in full and submitted to the HR/Payroll Service Center at least 7 working days before the actual affected payday. Employees should ask a customer service representative when the electronic transfer would begin.