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Human Resource Management - Offer of Employment and Processing an Appointment: All Benefits-eligible Positions


Subject Area: Offers and Pre-Employment
Policy Title: Offer of Employment and Processing an Appointment: All Benefits-eligible Positions
Policy / Procedure No: HRM058
Responsible Office: Hiring Manager or Proxy; HRM- Operations; Service Center
Documents Needed: Direct Deposit form, Personal Information Request form, I-9 form

PURPOSE: To define the offer of employment process for all benefits-eligible staff and process the appointment.


OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT: All Benefits-eligible Positions

1. Hiring Manager or Proxy tests the terms of the offer with the final candidate. NOTE: This is NOT a formal offer.

2. After the candidate verbally agrees to the terms of the offer, the hiring manager and candidate determine a suitable start date.

3. The Hiring Manager notifies the Key Contact of the individual's starting salary and start date via e-mail.

4. The Key Contact enters the terms of the offer into the Offer Form panels in PeopleSoft, and prints out a hard-copy of the Offer Form.

5. The Offer Form is signed and approved by the Hiring Manager, Dean/Director, Affirmative Action, Budget/DSPA, and ISSI (if necessary).

6. Once all of the approvals have been obtained the key contact uses the information from the Offer Form to create an Offer Letter using standard template formats.

7. The Key Contact is responsible for obtaining the Provost's or Senior VP's approval and signature. The Key Contact will then mail the letter to the candidate, along with a Direct Deposit Form, Personal Information Request form, an I-9 form, and any other information from the hiring department.

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time during the process, it is determined that changes need to be made to the offer form or the offer letter, the Key Contact needs to revise and reprint the offer form, obtain approvals, and have the HR/Payroll Service Center re-create the offer letter.

COMPLETING THE APPOINTMENT: All Benefits-eligible Positions

1. If the candidate accepts the formal Offer of Employment, he/she should sign and return one copy of the Offer Letter, and the Personal Information Request Form to the Hiring Manager or Proxy. Upon receipt of the signed offer letter, the Key Contact will update the candidate's status in PeopleSoft to "Ready to hire".

2. The Key Contact will create a new hire package consisting of the following:

  1. Original signed offer letter
  2. Copy of the Job posting
  3. Personal Information Form
  4. Completed and Signed Application form and Resumes
  5. I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Once the package is prepared, the Key Contact will submit the new hire package to HR/Payroll Service Center.

3. If the candidate refuses the formal Offer of Employment, the Key Contact will change his/her status in PeopleSoft to "Reject" or "Withdrawal".

4. Hiring Manager or Proxy notifies all candidates not selected for the position.

5. HRM Operations will enter the Employee's start date information into PeopleSoft.

6. Service Center will notify New Employee and cc: Unit, Hiring Manager or Proxy of Orientation Date via an email invitation. During Orientation the employee will be required to complete their W-4 and Direct Deposit paperwork.


Process of Hiring International Faculty, Researchers, Staff

In order to comply with the United States federal law regulated by the Immigration and Naturalization Services, the Department of Labor, the Department of Employment and Training, and/or the Department of State, the hiring of non-immigrant international faculty, researchers, and staff should be executed in consultation with the International Student and Institute, located in 203 Ell Building. This will ensure that the prospective international hire has or will obtain, in a timely fashion, the appropriate visa status in order to be legally employed, either full- or part time at Northeastern University. Click here for ISSI Policies and webpage.