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Human Resource Management - Interviewing and Selection

Policy and Procedure

Subject Area: Employment
Policy Title: Interviewing and Selection
Policy / Procedure No: HRM060
Responsible Office: Human Resources Management
Documents Needed: Application form, Resume Receipt Acknowledgement letter, Turn Down Letter

POLICY: In order to ensure that candidates receive appropriate consideration for a position, hiring managers should follow the same process for each candidate who applies to a job. Candidates for a position must be evaluated according to the same guidelines and selection processes.

For Administrative/Professional and Faculty

    1. Hiring Manager or department determines who will be involved in the screening, interviewing, and selection process.

    2. The Hiring Manager/committee chair/group coordinator should consult with HRM regarding information about hiring practices and employment laws.

    3. Hiring Managers/Search committees are encouraged to interview qualified internal candidates during the internal posting period of ten calendar days. Internal candidates must complete an Internal Application to begin the application process.

    4. Using the eRecruit online application process, all internal and external candidates will automatically receive an e-mail to acknowledge receipt of their resumes.

    5. Hiring Manager/Search committee establishes an evaluation procedure to assess candidates' cover letters, resumes or curriculum vitae to determine which candidate best meets the qualifications as outlined in the Job Posting Summary. The area Key Contract can give the Hiring Manager and Search committee members access to eRecruit for online review of all resumes.

    6. The Hiring Manager/Search committee establishes appropriate questions and evaluation criteria for telephone prescreening and/or for interviewing.

    7. For Tenure-Track Faculty and Administrative/Professional staff grades 15 and above, an Affirmative Action Interview Approval Form is required to be submitted and approved by Affirmative Action prior to interviewing the candidate.

    8. Hiring Manager/Search committee must ensure that all candidates who come in for an interview complete and sign the Northeastern University application form. This form may be obtained from the HRM website at

    9. Hiring Manager/Search committee coordinates candidates' visits to the University, conducts interviews, and meets with appropriate constituents.

    11. Hiring manager/Search committee identifies finalist(s) and conducts reference checks on the top one or two candidates.

    12. Information on the final candidate is sent to the Key Contact who will generate the Offer Authorization form and create the Offer Letter.

    13. Hiring manager/Search committee selects final candidates and may provide an opportunity for the final candidate to review information on Benefits and Services with HRM.

    14. The hiring manager/Search committee mails or e-mails a letter to each applicant who was brought in for an interview, but not selected for the position.

    15. Hiring manager/Search committee must maintain a file of applications submitted for the position and "reasons not selected," for a period of one year.

For Office, Support, Technical, Crafts and Trades, and Service Positions

    1. HRM prescreens applicants, has applicants complete an employment application or a Transfer/Promotion form, and administers tests and conducts interviews as appropriate.

    2. Applicants who qualify for current openings are referred by HRM to the appropriate hiring manager for review and interview.

    3. Hiring managers are encouraged to interview qualified internal candidates during the internal posting period of ten calendar days.

    4. Hiring manager interviews external applicants, which are presented from HRM.

    5. Applications from candidates who do not meet the qualifications for current openings are retained for future consideration for positions commensurate with their qualifications and for which they express interest.

    6. Hiring manager selects from among the qualified candidates.

    7. HRM contacts the finalist's references and sets up appropriate background checks. If the finalist is an internal candidate, the Hiring manager contacts the employee's current supervisor to obtain a reference.

Process of Hiring International employees

    In order to comply with the United States federal law regulated by the Immigration and Naturalization Services, the Department of Labor and/or the Department of State, the hiring of non-immigrant international faculty, researchers, and staff should be executed in consultation with the International Student and Scholar Institute, located in 406 Ell Building and University Counsel , in Churchill Hall. This will ensure that the prospective international hire has or will obtain, in a timely fashion, the appropriate visa status in order to be legally employed, either full- or part time at Northeastern University. For more information, please visit, and refer to the Employment Based Visas policy.