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Human Resource Management - Starting Salaries


Subject Area: Compensation
Policy Title: Starting Salaries
Policy / Procedure No: HRM009
Responsible Office: HRM

PURPOSE: To define the policy for starting salaries.

SCOPE: For non-faculty employees.


1. For new hires and promotions to administrative/professional positions, the hiring manager should consult the Compensation Department for a recommended salary range. This important step will help ensure equitable and consistent salary administration across all areas of the University.

2. The Employment department determines the starting salary for office/support, technical, crafts and trades, and service employees.

3. At the time of hire, the hiring manager should inform the new employee of both the position's salary range and the periodic review process on which his/her progression within the range will be based.

4. The starting position within the salary range is determined by the final candidate's qualifications as they relate to the minimum qualifications noted for the position and available salary budget. Accordingly, individuals whose experience just meet the minimum qualifications should start at or near the minimum of the salary range. Starting salaries beyond the minimum, up to the midpoint, are based on qualifications which exceed the minimum requirements. Starting salaries above the midpoint are based on qualifications which far exceed the minimum requirements of the job and/or average salaries in the market for similar positions.

5. Employees should be paid no less than the minimum of the salary range for the position.