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Human Resource Management - Salary Ranges


Subject Area: Compensation
Policy Title: Salary Ranges
Policy / Procedure No: HRM010
Responsible Office: HRM
Related Policy / Procedure: HRM007 -- Position Classification

PURPOSE: To define the policy for non-faculty salary ranges.

SCOPE: Employees whose positions fall within one of these categories: administrative/professional, office/support, or technical.

1. An ascending ladder of pay levels applies to positions classified within the administrative/professional, office/support, and technical categories. Associated with each grade is a specific minimum, midpoint, and maximum salary for each level.

2. These pay levels ensure an orderly pay progression between positions at the University to allow for recognition of variations in position content and individual performance.

3. An employee's starting salary is based upon the salary range assigned to the position and his or her qualifications and related work experience.

4. The Compensation department regularly reviews salary ranges and recommends changes to salary structures as indicated by both the labor market and affordability.

5. Employees should be paid no less than the minimum of the salary range for the position. The range is pro-rated based on scheduled hours of work for positions that are less than full time.