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Human Resource Management - Salary Changes Due to Job Changes


Subject Area: Compensation
Policy Title: Salary Changes Due to Job Changes
Policy / Procedure No: HRM011
Responsible Office: HRM
Related Policy / Procedure: HRM007 -- Position Classification, HRM009 - Starting Salaries, HRM010 - Salary Ranges

PURPOSE: To identify opportunities for salary changes relating to changes in job responsibilities.

SCOPE: For administrative/professional staff and non-exempt support staff (not including positions covered by collective bargaining).

1. Salary changes can result from a change in job whether through promotion, reclassification, or transfer to a lower grade.

2. A promotion is when an employee moves to a position that is in a higher salary grade.

3. A job reclassification is when an employee's job responsibilities have changed enough for the position to be re-evaluated and the grade is changed.

4. An employee who voluntarily accepts a position at a lower grade level receives a salary reduction.

5. A one-grade promotional increase ranges, on average, from 4% to 7%. The Compensation Department determines salary changes for office/support and technical staff. Department managers should consult with Compensation within HRM for appropriate adjustments for administrative/professional staff.