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Human Resource Management - Employee Service Recognition and Reward Program


Subject Area: Compensation
Policy Title: Employee Service Recognition and Reward Program
Policy / Procedure No: HRM034
Responsible Office: Compensation Department

PURPOSE: To reward and recognize University faculty and staff for outstanding contributions to the University.

SCOPE: Different employee groups may be eligible for participation in different programs.

POLICY: Northeastern University understands the importance of recognizing significant achievements and contributions by its faculty and staff members, and toward that end supports a two-tiered Reward and Recognition program.

1. The Star Certificate Recognizes employee-to-employee recognition for all levels of employees.

2. The College/Vice President's Award program allows colleges and administrative areas to develop a recognition program specifically tailored to their unit and provides matching funds as long as certain criteria are met.

For details on any of these programs, please contact a Compensation department staff member or visit the Recognition Awards section of the HRM website at