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Human Resource Management - Position Evaluation and Classification for Non-Faculty Positions


Policy Title: Position Evaluation and Classification for Non-Faculty Positions
Policy / Procedure No: HRM045
Purpose: To request an evaluation of a new position or re-evaluation of a current non-faculty position when responsibilities assigned to that position are substantially changed.
Who Performs: Writing Job Description: manager or supervisor, Job evaluation: Compensation.
Documents Needed: Completed position evaluation request packet consisting of Current position description on the appropriate form:

1. Position content Document (for Office Support/Technical Positions)

2. Job Scope Description (for Administrative Professional Positions)

3. Position Description (streamlined for certain research Positions)

Current Organization Chart

Cover memo from the dean/vice president authorizing the evaluation request.

Contact Person: Compensation Administrator, HRM, x2230.
Special Instructions: All of the necessary position description forms are available in the Forms section of the HRM website.


1. The supervisor (or supervisor and employee for current positions) documents the new or revised responsibilities on the appropriate position description form. In cases where the department is requesting a change in position type (e.g., from Office Support to Admin/Professional), the description should be submitted to HRM on the form that reflects the desired outcome.

2. The department head and area vice president/dean review the newly-defined position description.

3. The department head send the completed and approved position description to the Compensation department for review and evaluation.

4. A member of the Compensation department conducts a thorough analysis of the job based on the position description that as submitted and determines the appropriate job grade.

5. The department head is notified of final evaluation by a Compensation staff member.

6. If the position of a current employee is upgraded, the manager or department head may wish to grant the incumbent an accompanying salary increase. For Office Support and Technical positions, the Compensation department determines the exact amount of the salary increase. Managers of Admin/Professional employees have some discretion in determining an accompanying salary increase so long as they follow recommendations provided by the Compensation staff member.

7. The department head completes an HRM Action Form to reflect the change in grade title, and salary based on the evaluation results and recommendations and submits the form to HRM.

8. The department manager reviews the job descriptions regularly and updates them as necessary to ensure that they continue to accurately reflect the job requirements and responsibilities.