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Human Resource Management - Position Authorization for Co-op Positions


Policy Title: Position Authorization for Co-op Positions
Policy / Procedure No: HRM044
Purpose: To identify the steps to take in establishing an authorized, open co-op position.
Who Performs: Area department/college, HRM-Compensation.
Documentation Needed: Co-op Job Description form available at HRM for newly created positions; Cooperative Work Employment form to Student Employment Office for processing.
Special Instructions: All co-op positions must be authorized in advance of the co-op student's first day of employment. All new co-op jobs must be graded by HRM-Compensation prior to posting the open position.


To establish funding for new positions:

1. The department manager establishes the position and verifies funding source. Department manager contacts Division of Cooperative Education to establish connection with cooperative education coordinator and availability of work study funds.

2. The department manager completes the Co-op Job Description form and submits it to the Compensation Assistant for review and classification.

3. The Compensation Assistant grades the position and sends a copy of the description to the Supervisor, the Cooperative Education Coordinator, and the Student Employment Office.

4. HR/Payroll creates a unique position number for the position and sends it to the department administrator. This position number must be used for hiring the student.

Filling new and replacement positions (see Co-op Employment Process for further detail):

1. The department manager documents budget information for replacement positions by completing the Cooperative Work Employment form for each co-op student hired.

2. The student brings the form to the Cooperative Education Coordinator for authorization.

3. The student takes the approved form to the Student Employment Office for processing.

4. The Student Employment Office staff enters the hiring information into JobX.