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Human Resource Management - Co-op Employment Process


Title: Co-op Employment Process
Policy / Procedure No: HRM041
Purpose: To describe the process to identify co-op work opportunities and once hired, to complete all necessary employment paperwork.
Who Performs: Hiring supervisor, HRM, student, Cooperative Education Coordinators, DSPA (as needed), Student Employment Office staff
Documents Needed: Cooperative Work Employment form, I-9 form, W-4 form, Direct Deposit form. These forms are available on-line at or through the Cooperative Education Coordinators
Special Instructions: The I-9 and W-4 forms must be on file in the Student Employment Office. The student must authenticate their student information using the portal in order to enter employment hours into the on-line time reporting system (TimesheetX).
Contact Person: Cooperative Education Coordinators, hiring supervisor, Student Employment Office
Related Policy: HRM002 -- Position Authorization for Co-op Positions; Establishing the Position Level (Co-op)


1. Students seeking co-op employment should see their Cooperative Education Coordinator to begin the employment process.

2. If the student meets the eligibility requirements, he/she is given access to view jobs on the co-op job database (Place Pro).

3. If the student is seeking a work-study co-op position, he/she must first be cleared for work study at the Student Employment Office.

4. Once the student is interviewed and selected for a co-op opportunity, he/she completes the Cooperative Work Employment form and gives it to the hiring department for completion and authorization of the hire. If the co-op position is grant-funded, the form must be approved by DSPA. The student then obtains authorization from his/her Cooperative Education Coordinator and submits the approved form to the Student Employment Office.

5. At the same time, the student completes a W-4 form and an I-9 form in the Student Employment Office. Although both forms can be completed in advance, the I-9 form and its required documentation must be reviewed and witnessed in the Student Employment Office. The student completes a Direct Deposit form and submits it to the HR/Payroll Service Center.

6. The student is then required to use the student portal ( to authenticate his/her student information. This process allows the student to enter his/her weekly work hours into the on-line time reporting system (TimesheetX).