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Human Resource Management - Extra Compensation (Non- Faculty)


Subject Area: Compensation
Title: Extra Compensation (Non- Faculty)
Policy / Procedure No: HRM013
Responsible Office: HRM
Documents Needed: Extra Compensation Request Form

PURPOSE: To recognize unusual instances beyond the scope of a non-faculty employee's regular job requirements.

SCOPE: Temporary assignment -- benefits-eligible, non-faculty employees. Extraordinary time requirements -- administrative/professional employees.


1. Temporary assignment can occur when an employee is assigned by the department head to a position with significant additional duties of a higher complexity level and responsibility for a fixed period, in addition to regular continuing responsibilities.

2. Temporary assignments are predetermined and are for a limited duration.

3. Pay arrangements for weekly staff, determined by the department head, are regularly scheduled for the fixed period; they are added to the employee's base salary and as a temporary increase and are removed at the end of the temporary assignment.

4. Extraordinary time requirements for administrative/professional staff can be required based on the organization's need to meet a critical demand. (Weekly staff should be compensated through normal overtime payment procedures.)

5. The commitment is a significant, additional requirement outside the normal work schedule; it is not only beyond the normal expectations of the position level and responsibilities but also consistent and prolonged over a lengthy time period.

6. The source of funding must be predetermined and the extra compensation amount must conform to the procedures following this policy.

7. Contact Human Resources Management - Compensation for a more detailed Staff Extra Compensation document.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: All reviews and approvals must occur prior to discussion with the employee, as approval is not automatic.


1. Department/area staff must complete and submit all requests for extra compensation on an HRM Extra Compensation form with detailed proposal and rationale.

2. The area Dean or Vice President must review and approve the proposal before sending it to the Sr. Vice President or his/her proxy for approval. The form is then submitted to the Budget Office or DSPA to confirm that adequate funds exist for payment.

3. The Extra Compensation form is then routed to the HR/Payroll Service Center, where the request is reviewed for adherence to established guidelines. Forms which require additional review and approval by Compensation will be forwarded to them.

4. Once the form has been approved by the HR/Payroll Service Center, or Compensation if necessary, the manager may inform the employee of the amount and conditions regarding the Extra Compensation payment.

5. The employee is paid the approved extra compensation in accordance with Payroll guidelines and any specific payment instructions.