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Human Resource Management - Service Date


Subject Area: Benefits
Policy Title: Service Date
Policy / Procedure No: HRM018
Responsible Office: HRM
Related Policy / Procedure: HRM029 - Re-Employment,

PURPOSE: To define service date.

1. The service date, in most cases, is the same as the employee's benefits eligible date of hire.

2. If a person is hired into a non-benefits eligible position and subsequently moves to a benefits-eligible position, the date of the change in employment status will become the service date.

3. Faculty and Staff, who are rehired within two years or less of leaving the University will have a revised service date calculated that credits previous benefits-eligible employment with the University.

This service date is used for calculating eligibility and accumulations rates for the following University benefits:

    • Vacation Time
    • Sick Time
    • Employee Recognition Award
    • 403(b) Basic Retirement Plan - If the former employee already met the eligibility for the Basic Retirement Plan, regardless of the break in service length, the two-year waiting period would not need to be met again. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify HRM of their rehire status by completing the appropriate waiver form.

All rehired faculty and staff must fulfill the usual waiting periods for the following benefits:

    • Health and Dental - first of month following date of hire or date of hire if it coincides with the University's first working day of the month
    • Life Insurance - first of month following date of hire
    • Disability Insurance - first of month after completing one year of service, unless the rehired employee shows proof of disability insurance coverage with another employer within the four months prior to rehire at Northeastern
    • Tuition Waiver Program - Employee: Academic term following date of rehire; Dependent and Spouse/Same-Sex Spousal Equivalent: After 3 years of continuous full-time service
    • Retiree and Early Retiree Designation - At least age 55 and 10 years of continuous benefits-eligible service immediately preceding the employee's retirement date

4. Faculty and Staff, who are rehired within three months of leaving the University, will not incur a break in their service date. If service requirements had previously been met, the waiting period does not apply. (i.e. tuition waiver, disability insurance and retiree and early retiree designation).

Please refer to individual benefit plan certificates, policies, and summary plan descriptions for specific eligibility guidelines and waiting periods. Individuals interested in re-employment should contact HRM/Benefits to discuss specific questions.