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Human Resource Management - Retirement Plan Orientation


Title: Retirement Plan Orientation
Policy / Procedure No: HRM047
Purpose: To define HRM/Benefits Retirement Plan Orientation for newly retirement-eligible employees and/or employees who need more in-depth information about the retirement plan.
Who Performs: HRM/Benefits.
Special Instructions: All employees eligible for the Retirement Plan are invited to attend this orientation. Biweekly sessions are held on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. All other employees may attend to learn about the Supplemental Retirement Plan.
Contact Person: HRM/Benefits, x2230.
Related Policy: Please refer to the NU HRM Benefits and Services Handbook.


1. Employees interested in joining the Retirement Plan and/or the Supplemental Retirement Plan should contact HRM/Benefits at x2230 to make a reservation to attend.

2. HRM/Benefits staff explains how the retirement plans work and provide information on fund options, loan options, procedures, and changes to the plan, asset allocation, and distribution options.

3. Employees complete plan applications and Salary Reduction Agreement Form to enroll in the Basic Retirement and/or Supplemental Retirement Plan(s) and return the applications and forms to HRM/Benefits for review and processing.