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Human Resource Management - Retirement


Subject Area: Benefits
Policy Title: Retirement
Policy / Procedure No: HRM046
Responsible Office: Human Resource Management
Additional Information: HR/Payroll Action Form

PURPOSE: To define the termination process for retirement.


  • Retiring employee contacts the Senior Benefits Administrator in the Human Resources Department to schedule a meeting to discuss options under the Retirement Plan and retiree benefits.

  • After the employee has contacted Benefits and has finalized plans to retire, he/she provides his/her department with a letter stating the retirement date. The Department sends a copy of this letter to HRM Benefits.

  • The Department processes the HR Action Form documenting unused, accrued vacation and -- if eligible -- payment for accrued sick time.

  • HRM, Benefits processes the retirement, gives the retiree a Benefits Synopsis, and sends information to Conference and Events Planning, Development, Parking and the Husky Card Offices for additional entitled services.