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Human Resource Management - Eligibility and Enrollment in Benefits Plans


Subject Area: Benefits
Policy Title: Eligibility and Enrollment in Benefits Plans
Policy / Procedure No: HRM019
Responsible Office: HRM

PURPOSE: To define policies for eligibility and enrollment in Employee Benefit Plans.

DEFINITIONS: To be eligible for employee benefits, a faculty or staff member must be in a benefits-eligible position. This is defined as a budgeted position in which a faculty/staff member works at least two-third's time. Two-third's time is defined as working a minimum of 24 hours per week for 52 weeks per year or full time for eight months of the year (35 weeks).

POLICY: Listed in the Northeastern University HRM Benefits and Services Summary.

1. The eligibility date and effective date of coverage varies by benefit plan. Please refer to the HRM Benefits website, to determine the eligibility date and effective date of the plan or plans an employee intends to enroll in.

2. All employee benefit plans require that the faculty/staff member take appropriate actions to enroll and complete any necessary enrollment forms.

3. All medical, dental, medical care reimbursement and dependent care reimbursement accounts require that faculty/staff members enroll within 30 days of their initial benefits eligibility. Please refer to the HRM Benefits website, for complete plan enrollment rules.

4. Normally, enrollment in the benefit plans takes place during Employee Orientation. Therefore, it is important that deans, managers and supervisors schedule their newly hired benefits-eligible faculty/staff to attend orientation. Preferably, this should be scheduled on the first Monday coincident with the new faculty/staff members date of hire or the Monday following.

Deans, managers and supervisors should also be sure to schedule any employees moving from a non-benefits eligible position to a benefits-eligible position for orientation as close as possible to the change in employment status.