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Student Accounts / Sr. V.P. Finance & Administration - Tuition and Student Fees Waiver


Subject Area: Tuition and Student Fees
Policy Title: Tuition and Student Fees Waiver
Policy / Procedure No: SA006
Responsible Office: Senior VP for Administration and Finance

PURPOSE: To determine standards for Waiver/Reductions of University fees.

SCOPE: Applies to all Northeastern University departments.

1. All tuition and student fees at the University are established and approved by the Board of Trustees. These rates are used to budget revenues and expenses for the institution.

2. The decision to reduce or waive our established tuition or student fees is a policy decision of the institution and may be granted only at the discretion of the President or the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance or the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer or their designee. A request for a waiver should be made in writing and include the rationale for the request.