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Customer Service Center - Tuition Refund


Subject Area: Tuition Refund
Policy Title: Tuition Refunds
Policy / Procedure No: SA004
Responsible Office: Student Accounts

PURPOSE: To refund pro-rated tuition based on the date of withdrawal through the first weeks of a term,

SCOPE: All students.


Refer to the following link for the adjustment schedule:

Tuition credits are granted through the first five weeks of a term based on the date of the official withdrawal processed by the registrar's office. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Credit policies vary according to the duration of the course. Typical tuition adjustments are made according to the following schedule:

The first week of class is the week containing the "classes begin" date listed in the academic calendar.

Graduate students receive 100% refund through the second week.

Full Semesters
During the first week - 100% refund
During the second week - 90% refund
During the third week - 80% refund
During the fourth week - 60% refund
During the fifth week - 40% refund
After the fifth week - no refund