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Customer Service Center - Tuition Payments


Subject Area: Tuition and Related Fee Payments
Policy Title: Tuition and Related Fee Payments
Policy / Procedure No: SA003
Responsible Office: Student Accounts

PURPOSE: To ensure timely payment of student tuition, fees, and other charges. The student must have a documented payment plan for the term/year. Payment or enrollment in one of NU's payment plans must be received by the University by the designated due date to avoid the student being assessed late fees and/or being blocked from attending classes, registering, or release of academic records.

DEFINITIONS: Documented payment plan: Either payment in full for the quarter or enrollment in one of NU's payment plans.

SCOPE: All students.


1. Full payment of tuition, residence hall fees, and other related charges are due by the beginning of each term. These methods of payment are accepted:

  • Check or Money Order made payable to Northeastern University.
  • Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Payments may be made in person or by calling NU's 24 hour automated charge line 617-373-2319 or 1-800-937-4067.
  • Enrollment in one of our monthly payment plans at

2. Students are responsible for prompt payment of all bills. If the student has not received a bill by the first week of the term, he/she may request a bill from the Student Accounts's Office.

3. The student should bring to the attention of Student Accounts's Office staff any discrepancies in his/her tuition bill. If there is a billing problem, the student must pay the undisputed portion of the bill to avoid any additional late fees.