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Student Accounts - Billing, Collection, and Administration


Subject Area: Tuition, Fees and Other Student Charges
Policy Title: Billing, Collection, and Administration
Policy / Procedure No: SA007
Responsible Office: Student Accounts

PURPOSE: To establish responsibility and authority for billing, collecting, and administering student tuition, fees and other charges.

SCOPE: All students.

1. The Board of Trustees approves student tuition and general fees.

2. The Student Accounts is responsible for billing, collecting, and processing all student charges.

3. Tuition and fees are billed before the beginning of each term. Miscellaneous charges are billed on a monthly basis as incurred.

4. Tuition, fees, and other charges are due and payable on or before the due date established for each term.

5. Deans and directors are responsible for notifying the Registrar's and Student Accounts's offices of changes in a student's status on a timely basis.