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Payroll Office - Wage Attachments and Levies


Title: Wage Attachments and Levies
Policy / Procedure No: PAY021
Purpose: The University is required by law to execute all legal wage assignments such as tax levies, child support orders, or other court-ordered wage attachments subject to terms described in each individual instrument.
Who Performs: Payroll Office.
Documentation Needed Legal Wage Assignment.
Contact Department Payroll Office, 225 Richards Hall, x2280.


1. The Payroll Office receives the Legal Wage Assignment.

2. Payroll Office staff notifies the employee by certified mail.

3. Payroll Office staff updates the online Master file and the employee's net pay is reduced according to the deductions in the order.

4. Payroll Office staff draws checks from the Operating Account and mails them to the agencies specified in the order.