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Payroll Office - SGA (Stipended Graduate Assistant) Payroll


Title: SGA (Stipended Graduate Assistant) Payroll
Policy / Procedure No: PAY024
Purpose: To compensate SGA employees according to the terms of their awards.
Who Performs: Payroll Office.
Documentation Needed SGA Warrant, SGA Processing Schedule, and diskette formatting instructions.
Contact Department Payroll Office, 225 Richards Hall, x2280.


1. Graduate school administrator fills out and retains an I-9 for each SGA.

2. The SGA fills out a W-4 form and gives it to the graduate school administrator who sends the W-4 to Payroll with the warrant.

3. Graduate school administrator determines from the SGA Processing Schedule when SGA information is required in the Payroll Office.

4. Graduate school administrator completes a warrant listing SGA's to be paid with quarterly stipend amount and other information necessary both to evenly spread stipend payments throughout the quarter and to accurately charge account i.d.'s and object codes.

5. If the department has five or fewer SGA's, the graduate school administrator may submit information on a paper warrant. For departments with more than five SGA's, the graduate school administrator must prepare a paper warrant and a warrant on diskette using formatting instructions available from the Payroll Department.

6. Authorized individual reviews warrant for accuracy, signs it, and sends warrant (with a diskette, if appropriate) to the Payroll Office for processing. Designated Division of Sponsored Programs staff must sign off on charges to grants and contracts.

7. Warrant is date-stamped at the Payroll Office and submitted for processing. Payroll Office staff reviews warrant for accuracy and proper approvals.

8. The SGA is paid in the next semimonthly SGA pay cycle.

9. The Payroll Office sends individual departments a turnaround warrant after each pay period showing SGA's being paid for that quarter.

10. Graduate school administrator reviews the turnaround warrant, writes on the transaction page (last page) of the warrant any changes or additions, and returns the warrant to the Payroll Office according to the SGA Processing Schedule. The graduate school administrator immediately calls or FAXes the Payroll Office if an SGA terminates.