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Payroll Office - SGA (Stipended Graduate Assistant) Payroll


Subject Area: Payroll
Policy Title: SGA (Stipended Graduate Assistant) Payroll
Policy / Procedure No: PAY007
Responsible Office: Payroll Office
Documents Needed: Payroll Warrant

PURPOSE: To compensate SGA employees according to the terms of their awards.

SCOPE: Stipended Graduate Assistants.


1. Graduate school administrator completes and retains an SGA's I-9. The SGA fills out a W-4 form and gives it to the graduate school administrator who sends the W-4 to Payroll with the warrant.

2. Graduate departments submit warrant information in paper form; departments with more than five SGA's must submit a paper warrant and a warrant on diskette according to formatting instructions available from the Payroll Office.

3. Designated Division of Sponsored Programs staff must sign off on charges to grants and contracts.

4. SGA warrants must be complete and accurate in order to be processed by the Payroll Office.

5. After the first pay cycle of the quarter, the Payroll Office will send each graduate department a turnaround warrant showing SGA's on their payroll.

6. During the quarter, the graduate school administrator should make additions and updates to the SGA payroll on the transaction page (last page) of the turnaround warrant and return the warrant to the Payroll Office. SGA terminations should be telephoned or FAXed to the Payroll Office immediately.

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