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Payroll Office - Overtime Pay


Title: Overtime Pay
Policy / Procedure No: PAY025
Purpose: To provide payment for approved overtime for non-exempt employees.
Who Performs: Payroll Office.
Documentation Needed Overtime payment authorization on the Payroll Overtime Report; Weekly Staff Extra Hours/Overtime Report.
Contact Department Payroll Office, 225 Richards Hall, x2280.
Special Instructions: Overtime reports are to be used for office, support, and technical staff only. Hourly-paid employees are paid overtime through the regular payroll warrant process.


1. Employee completes and signs Overtime Report and submits it to his/her supervisor.

2. Supervisor with approving authority reviews report for accuracy, signs it, and sends it to the Payroll Office for processing by noon on Monday so that the employee is paid that week.

3. Payroll Office staff adjusts the employee's pay to reflect overtime pay.

4. The employee receives payment in the next regular pay cycle.