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Payroll Office - Income Tax Withholding - Forms W-4 and M-4


Title: Income Tax Withholding -- Forms W-4 and M-4
Policy / Procedure No: PAY026
Purpose: An employee must complete Form W-4 so that the Payroll Office can withhold the correct amount of Federal and state income tax from his/her pay. Form M-4 should also be completed if an employee wants to claim a different number of Mass. state exemptions.
Who Performs: Payroll Office.
Documentation Needed Form W-4 and Form M-4 (if the employee claims a different number of Mass. state exemptions).
Contact Department Payroll Office, 225 Richards Hall, x2280.
Special Instructions: New employees must file Form W-4. Current employees must file a new Form W-4 if personal data or withholding arrangements change. IRS publication 919 "Is My Withholding Correct" is available in the Payroll Office or through the IRS web site (; its worksheets will help employees determine if they are having the right amount of taxes withheld.


1. Employee obtains Form W-4 from either the Payroll Office, HRM, hiring department, or the IRS web site listed above.

2. Employee completes form and sends it to the Payroll Office for processing.

3. Payroll Office staff updates the employee's online Master file record.