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Payroll Office - Direct Deposit of Pay


Title: Direct Deposit of Pay
Purpose: To electronically transfer an employee's net pay into his/her checking or savings account.
Who Performs: Payroll Office.
Doucments Needed: Direct Deposit Authoization Form.
Contact Department: Payroll Office, 225 Richards Hall, x2280
Special Instrctions: Direct Deposit Authorization forms must be completed in full and submitted to the Payroll Office at least 7 working days before the acutal affected pay day. Emplyees should ask a payroll representative when the electronic transfer will begin.


1. Employee completes authorization form and sends it to the Payroll Office.

2. Payroll Office staff notifies the financial institution.

3. The employee's net pay is electronically transferred two days before pay day so that it is in the employee's account on pay day.