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Payroll Office - Direct Deposit of Pay


Subject Area: Payroll
Policy Title: Direct Deposit of Pay
Policy / Procedure No: PAY003
Responsible Office: Payroll Office
Documents Needed: Direct Deposit Authorization Form available in 225 Richards

PURPOSE: To electronically transfer an employee's net pay into his/her checking or savings account. Direct deposit is a proven method of payment that eliminates the need for paper paychecks. Direct Deposit is the University's preferred method of pay.

SCOPE: All University employees.

DEFINITIONS: Direct deposit is the process of automatically transferring net pay into accounts at financial institutions via a highly-reliable electronic payment system called the Automated Clearing House Network.

POLICY: Currently, all employees can participate in the Direct Deposit Program. Rather than receiving a pay check on pay day, the employee's net pay is automatically deposited into an account at the financial institution of choice. On pay day, the employee receives a pay stub that lists gross pay, deductions, net pay, and any other information that an employee would normally find with a pay check.

Students working for the University can view their direct deposit pay information via Northeastern's web page. Click on Interactive Self Service and go to Payroll. Payroll information is also available at campus kiosks or by calling (617) 373-8000. A student PIN is required.

Click here to see the Direct Deposit of Pay procedure