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Accounts Payable - Vendor Payments (Without using the Electronic Purchasing System)

Policy and Procedure

Subject Area: Disbursements
Policy Title: Vendor Payments (Without using the Electronic Purchasing System)
Policy / Procedure No: A/P006
Responsible Office: Accounts Payable
Documents Needed: IAF forms
Purpose: To process payment to vendor for goods received and services rendered.
Documents Needed: Invoice and completed IAF.
Special Instructions: The employee who placed the order or is responsible for processing the requesting department's payments performs this procedure after receiving the invoice and confirming that goods and services are in acceptable condition.

A/P must receive the original invoice not a copy. The IAF must be accurate and complete.


1. Requests for checks must contain the written approval of the area's approved signature authority.

2. Instructions for IAF completion are listed on each IAF.

3. The following is a list of items which may be processed without using the electronic purchasing system if the following criteria are met: the purchase is under $3000.00 and the Procard is not accepted:

  • conference registration fees
  • equipment service calls
  • fees for guest lecturers and honoraria
  • licenses and inspection fees
  • membership dues
  • subscriptions
  • utilities
  • honoraria
  • catering

    4. Exception:
  • Purchase Orders are REQUIRED in order to pay an Independent Contractor/Consultant.

Transactions under $3000.00 do not require a purchase order, except for payment to Independent Contractor/Consultants


1. Invoice is sent to the department.

2. Individual responsible for the department's bill payments completes an IAF and attaches it to the front of the invoice.

3. Aforementioned individual sends paperwork to the respective budget area: Operating and Restricted - 247RI, Research Mgt. - 423LA, Plant Fund - 249 RI.

4. The budget area contact approves funding and forwards paperwork to A/P for check processing.

5. A/P processes the paperwork and mails the check to the vendor.