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Accounts Payable - Travel Expense Reimbursements


Subject Area: Travel
Policy Title: Travel Expense Reimbursements
Policy / Procedure No: A/P004
Responsible Office: Accounts Payable

PURPOSE: To reimburse employees for out-of-pocket travel expenses incurred while traveling on University business.

SCOPE: All University employees who travel to conduct University business.


1. Original receipts are required for all expenditures >$75.00. However, explanation/justification is recommended for all costs.

2. If the employee is missing necessary receipts, he/she must write a memo signed by the Department Head to A/P explaining the nature and amount of the missing receipt(s). The employee must attach the memo to the voucher.

3. Please look on the Account payable website for the current mileage rate.

4. For more information about University travel, please refer to the "Travel Policy And Procedures" booklet which is available on NU's web page in the Purchasing section under Administrative Services and also on the Accounts Payable website at