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Accounts Payable - Stop Payment Request

Policy and Procedure

Subject Area: Disbursements
Policy Title: Stop Payment Request
Policy / Procedure No: A/P008
Responsible Office: Accounts Payable
Purpose: To request that A/P staff stops payment on a check.
Documents Needed: Phone call or memo to A/P requesting stop payment.
Contact Person: Accounts Payable, Vendor Assistant, Finance x2652

PURPOSE: To request that payment be stopped on a check issued by A/P.

SCOPE: All University employees involved with check requests and vendors awaiting payment.

The vendor and/or University representative who originally requested that the check be processed can request a stop payment if:

  • services or goods were not received within a reasonable period of time or, when received, were unacceptable
  • fear of forgery exists
  • check is damaged
  • check is not received by the vendor no less than 10 business days after being mailed by the University.
  • other various reasons such as incorrect dollar amount or payee information

1. Authorized individual from the department that requested the check or the check payee calls A/P and requests stop.

2. A/P staff finds out whether check has been cashed. If so, A/P staff contacts the department and/or payee with this information and provides a copy of the cancelled check, if necessary. If the check has not been cashed, A/P staff places a stop on the check. If the check has been cashed but not by the payee, then an Affidavit of Forgery Form must be completed in Accounts payable and sent to the bank for an investigation. Replacement checks will not be issued until authorized by the bank.

3. The bank acknowledges stop payment.

4. A/P staff reissues the check. In most cases, A/P staff uses the original paperwork to reissue the check. If the vendor or payee requires new paperwork, he/she should make that request to the A/P representative.