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Accounts Payable - Sales Tax Exemption


Subject Area: Disbursements
Policy Title: Sales Tax Exemption
Policy / Procedure No: A/P007
Responsible Office: Accounts Payable
Documents Needed: Available in 245 Richards Hall (Tax-Exempt Certificate) or download an online version of the form from Accounts Payable

PURPOSE: To avoid paying sales tax due to University's tax exempt status.

SCOPE: All University employees.


1. The University is exempt from paying sales tax in most states. Please see the forms section of the Accounts payable website for a list of states which honor the Northeastern's tax exempt status (

2. University employees should inform vendors of the University's exemption status when placing an order.

3. If taxes appear on the invoice, reduce the tax amount from the total due before processing and forwarding the invoice to A/P.

4. Hotel room charges and meals are expenses for which the University is not tax exempt.

5. The Certificate of Exemption is available on the purchasing homepage at and also on the Accounts Payable Website at

6. Northeastern University's tax identification number is 04-1679980. This number is preprinted on each Procard