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Facilities Division - Space Planning & Design


Title: Space Renovations Request
Policy / Procedure No: FD006
Purpose: To define the procedure for requesting space renovations.
Who Performs: Space Planning & Design Unit , Special Projects Unit
Documents Needed: A Space Request Form must be filled out with a clear and complete description of where and why the renovation is needed forwarded to Space Planning & Design via the responsible Dean (academic) or Vice President/Director (administrative). This form can be found at, select forms.
General Information: The Office of Space Planning & Design is responsible for the general oversight of all space planning and provides architectural services for all renovations within the University.
Contact Person: 140 CN, x2700.


1. All requests for space renovations by departments or units should be made through the appropriate channels (academically up through the Dean or administratively up through Directors and Vice Presidents). A detailed description of and a justification for the requested changes are to accompany each request along with the proposed funding source. Requests for space renovations and changes in the use of space that are submitted directly to Facilities Division or Special Projects unit will be returned to the originator with the instructions to submit to Space Planning & Design.

2. Deans and vice president's will forward on requests that they support to the Director of Space Planning and Design.

3. The Director of Space Planning & Design will review and evaluate each request. Requests that involve the re-allocation of space may be referred to the Space Committee for approval. If preliminary approval is granted, the Director of Space Planning & Design will assign a project architect to develop schematic drawings. The project architect will request a cost estimate and estimated construction time-line where appropriate. The Director, with the project architect, will review the cost estimate and timeline with the client to determine if the design, scope, schedule is acceptable to the client. A project may go through a few iterations of revision and re-estimation until an acceptable project is agreed to.

  • In many cases, the department is responsible for funding the project, providing budget centers to which the project is charged.

4. When a project design, scope, cost estimate and schedule are agreed to, the person responsible for the funding source must sign the cost estimate sheet and provide a budget center. This signed estimate must be faxed to the project architect and the Director of Special Projects. The work will be placed in the construction queue to be scheduled with the other projects. Special Projects in conjunction with the Vice President-Facilities will establish priorities for the projects.

5. If the approved request is identified as an emergency or as involving critical timing it should be submitted to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance for approval.

6. City permitting is a process that can take up to eight weeks. Contractor bidding and engineering are processes that also involve some time. Engineering, permitting and bidding are significant and necessary parts of the construction schedule.

  • In an effort for timely completion, any project that is requested to be completed prior to the University opening need to be funded, permitted and scheduled in advance of May 30th of each year.

7. Special Projects Unit is solely responsible for the estimating, scheduling and implementation of all projects that are submitted under this process. The group will work with the end user to ensure that a mutually agreed to schedule can be achieved. Any requests that force an undo burden on resources could be subjected to additional charges for but not limited to escalating the schedule, changes in scope of work, working second shift and overtime to meet the schedule.