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Facilities Division - Facilities Operations Maintenance Request


Title: Building Services Maintenance Request
Policy / Procedure No: FD099
Purpose: To define the procedures for requesting operations maintenance
Who Performs: Facilities Operations
Genetral Information The Facilities Operations Department handles electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, energy management, painting, and signage needs required by the University that includes academic and residence halls.
Special Instructions: Work Orders are required to initiate general routine work requests. More extensive or costly work requests must be approved by department head.
Contact Person: Facilities Customer Service Center, 10 Gainsborough St., at x2754


1. Student, faculty or staff person calls the Facilities Customer Service Center at x2754 to enter in a work request.
Self-service is available via:

2. The customer provides the following information:

  1. Customer name, phone number and NEU email address
  2. Location, i.e., building, and room number
  3. Alternate contact name if possible and their phone number
  4. Department name, if applicable
  5. Detailed description of problem
3. Customer will receive a verification email, which includes the work order number for future reference.

4. Email confirmation will be sent to confirm that the work request is done.