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Procurement Services - University-Wide Agreements


Subject Area: Procurement Services
Policy Title: University-Wide Agreements
Policy / Procedure No: PUR003
Responsible Office: Procurement Services

PURPOSE: To establish a policy for using University-wide agreements.

DEFINITIONS: University-wide Agreements: Contractual arrangements established with select suppliers. Such contracts have been competitively bid and negotiated where aggregate University-wide volume has been consolidated to offer most favorable pricing and terms and conditions.

SCOPE: Applies to all Northeastern University employees.

1. When University-wide agreements have been established, they must be used for the purchase of goods and/or services as governed by the agreements.

2. An alternate source of supply may not be used when a University-wide agreement exists.

3. Contracts are published on the Procurement Services Department's home page as Preferred Vendors. Hyperlinks have been created to facilitate on-line ordering with those contract vendors that have electronic commerce (B2B) capabilities. The link for preferred vendors is