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Procurement Services - Liquidating Encumbrances and Reservations


Subject Area: Procurement Services
Policy Title: Liquidating Encumbrancesand Reservations
Policy / Procedure No: PUR012
Responsible Office: Procurement Services
Documents Needed: Purchase Order Encumbrance Liquidations Form (refer to the "Purchasing Forms" link on the Procurement Services Home Page -

PURPOSE: To establish the policy for liquidating encumbrances and reservations

DEFINITIONS: Encumbrances and Reservations: Funds that are no longer available for spending as a result of having been committed via the issuance of a purchase order.

SCOPE: Applies to all Northeastern University departments.


1. The liquidation of encumbrances for purchase orders is the responsibility of the Procurement Services Department.

2. A Liquidations Form must be completed and submitted to Procurement Services for processing. The form can be located at