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Procurement Services - SSB or INB Banner Requisition


Subject Area: Procurement Services
Policy Title: SSB or INB Banner Requisition
Policy / Procedure No: PUR004
Responsible Office: Procurement Services

PURPOSE: To establish SSB or INB Banner Requisition as the required method for executing purchasing transactions. DEFINITIONS: : SSB or INB Banner Requisition: A module of Sungard Higher Education Banner that is designed to support purchasing transactions

SCOPE: Applies to all Northeastern University employees.

1. All departments that have access to Banner must use Banner Requisition for their purchasing requirements.

2. Departments must comply with the business practices associated with the electronic purchasing system.

3. The Purchasing Department assists in training departments to use the electronic purchasing system.

4. Banner manuals are available on the Banner Finance Webpage located on myNEU under the Service and Links tab.