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Procurement Services - Delegation of Authority


Subject Area: Procurement Services
Policy Title: Delegation of Authority
Policy / Procedure No: PUR001
Responsible Office: Procurement Services

PURPOSE: To identify individuals who have the authority to commit University funds to acquire goods and services. SCOPE:Applies to all Northeastern University employees.

DEFINITIONS: Purchasing Agent:Individual who has been granted the authority to commit University funds. Such individuals are deemed to have "power of agency."


1. Other than specifically authorized Officers of the University, only Procurement Services staff is empowered to act as purchasing agents of the University.

2. Only Procurement Services staff is authorized to commit University funds and to sign purchase orders when a purchase order is the transaction method.

3. Authority to enter into contractual agreements is limited to the President, the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Treasurer. All contracts must be reviewed by the University Counsel prior to execution. Pursuant to Board Policy (Executive Committee 11/11/97), these individuals may delegate such authority provided that the delegations be in writing and signed, be clear in delineating the scope of the authority delegated, be for a period of no more than one year, and be on file with the Trustees Office.

4. Purchase Orders are not required for transactions (listed below) if under $3,000. The Procurement Credit Card is the approved method for executing the transaction; a Direct Pay (DP) may only be used when the vendor does not accept the Procurement Credit Card

  • conference registration fees
  • equipment service calls
  • fees for guest lecturers
  • honoraria
  • licenses and inspection fees
  • membership dues
  • student awards
  • subscriptions
  • utilities
  • catering