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Procurement Services - Computer Purchasing (Desktop and Laptop)


Subject Area: Computer Purchasing
Policy Title: Computer Purchasing (Desktop and Laptop)
Policy / Procedure No: PUR011
Responsible Office: Procurement Services, Academic Technology Services, and Customer Service

PURPOSE: To define standards for purchasing desktop and laptop computers.

SCOPE: Entire University.


1. The university has established standards for purchasing desktop and laptop computers in order to minimize the overall cost of acquisition, use, and support of these computers. The standards specifically designate University-approved manufacturers and models.

2. Purchases that do not conform with the standards will not be a member of the NUnet domain and will not have access to NUnet print queues, applications, or the Q/R/S drives.

  • Assistance from the HelpDesk/call center will be based on a "best effort" for systems that do not conform to university standards.
3. To obtain specific information and computer specifications, contact the Procurement Services (x2135).

4. For desktop computer support, contact the Call Center x4357 (Help).

5. Standards are reviewed on an ongoing basis to assure that they continue to best satisfy the University's requirements.

6. Computers that are not University approved cannot be guaranteed to properly run network-based software applications.