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Business Office - Overview

The primary goal of the Business Office at Northeastern University is to continuously increase non-tuition revenue generation for the University, while providing excellent auxiliary services. Each area within the Business Office has an impact on how well this goal is achieved. The Business Area is comprised of the following departments:

Conference Center Operations
Dining Services
Leased Properties Management
Mail Services
Parking Operations
Printing Services (NU Reprographics)
University Bookstore

Conference Center Operations: The Warren Conference Center & Inn, BatteryMarch Conference Center and Henderson House are available to serve the needs of the University Community for off-site conferences, retreats and events in the areas of professional development, staff training, and strategic planning events. All centers are available to any department, group or organization on a scheduled first-come, first-served basis for day meetings, and overnight extended meetings with private lodging. The Warren Conference Center & Inn also offers semi-private lodging, a great location for social and recreational events and indoor/outdoor-based experiential training.

Dining Services: Dining Services' goals are to provide nutritious, high quality meals and maintain efficient, courteous services in a clean and pleasant environment. The University currently contracts with Chartwells, a division of Compass Group North America, to provide most food service requirements on all Northeastern campuses. This includes residence hall dining programs, Curry Student Center food court, Churchill Hall, Faculty Center, and several other locations on campus. In addition, Chartwells provides catering services for all events on and off campus to include high profile events as well as small deliveries. Other operations on campus in contract with the University include Au Bon Pain, Wollastons, Qdoba, and Boloco. The Business Office acts as a liaison between Northeastern University and all food service providers.

Leased Properties Management: Local apartment units are leased by the University to offer additional student housing. The Leased Properties office is responsible for assuring that all leased apartments are suitable for Northeastern students. It is also responsible for maintaining the apartments while students are living there, primarily by selecting competent and efficient vendors to service the units and overseeing their work to ensure its proper completion.

Mail Services: Mail Services is responsible for providing receipt and proper handling of inter-office and USPS Mail as well as receiving and tracking of all controlled mail pieces (certified mail, overnight, and two day letters) from commercial carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) for full accountability. The University contracts with Pitney Bowes Management for the operation of its mail services. Mail Services provides support in mail piece design and mailing cost savings to all University departments in processing their first class and bulk mailing requirements. The department also receives and distributes Residential Student United States Postal Service mail and operates a central receiving and pick-up area with tracking control for all resident student packages.

Parking Operations: The University currently owns and maintains, through outside contracted management companies, four garages and eleven open parking lots with parking capacity totaling approximately four thousand vehicles. Two of the garages operate on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year basis. Open lots are monitored by attendants during normal university operating hours for access by University decal parking holders. Gainsborough Garage and Lot and Renaissance Garage are open to the public for parking on an hourly fee basis.

Printing Services: The University currently contracts with NU Reprographics which processes quality printed and copied materials for all academic and administrative departments, as well as services the needs of the student population. Jobs include printing University stationery, class packs, brochures, flyers, reply cards, covers, notes, manuals, and journals of all sizes.

University Bookstore: The primary objective of the Northeastern University Bookstore is to provide all teaching resources required for the University students. The University currently contracts with Barnes & Noble to provide resources including textbooks, case studies, etc. Additionally, the store provides supplies, clothing, and other miscellaneous items for students, staff, and faculty purchases.