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Business Office - University Stationery


Title: University Stationery
Policy / Procedure No: BO008
Purpose: To define procedures for ordering University stationery and business cards.
Who Performs: NU Reprographics.
Documents Needed: Needed: Stationery Order Form available on-line at or at NU Reprographics.
Contact Department: NU Reprographics, 17 Forsyth Street, x2766.


Procedure #1 - On-line Ordering:

  1. Department contact visits or goes to the website through the NU homepage.

  2. Department contact selects either Northeastern University or School of Law.

  3. Department contact logs on by entering their name and the last four (4) digits of their social security number (Department contact must be a benefits eligible University employee). Department contact can place orders for the department, themselves, or others.

  4. Department contact makes their selection(s), views the proof and approves the order on-line.

  5. After sending the order, the department contact and the party for whom the order was placed will receive an e-mail confirming the order.

  6. Orders will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days.

Procedure #2 - Paper Order:

  1. Department contact obtains a Stationery Order Form from NU Reprographics.

  2. Department contact completes order form.

  3. Department contact delivers completed form to 17 Forsyth Street or calls x2766 for pick-up.