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Business Office: Printing and Copying Procedures


Title: Printing and Copying Procedures
Policy / Procedure No: BO007
Purpose: To define procedures for printing and copying.
Who Performs: NU Reprographics.
Special Information: Hours for NU Reprographics are typically extended at the start of each quarter and may fluctuate depending on the academic calendar.
Documents Needed: Reprographics Requisition Form available at NU Reprographics.
Contact Person: NU Reprographics, 17 Forsyth Street, x2766.


1. Department contact obtains a Reprographics Requisition form at 17 Forsyth Street or by calling x2766.

2. Department contact completes form (including account I.D.), obtains approval signature, and returns form to 17 Forsyth Street or calls x2766 for pick up.

3. Department contact informs NU Reprographics of special time requirements for any copying or printing job submitted and will be informed as to whether the time requirement can be met.