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Business Office - Mail Services Request


Title: Mail Services
Policy / Procedure No: BO005
Purpose: To define procedures for sending mail inside and outside the University.
Who Performs: Mail Services - Managed by Pitney Bowes Management Services
General Information: Mail Services staff dispatches University mail and offers various postal and general mailing services.
Special Information: Please refer to the Mail Services website located at for detailed instructions and associated costs.
Contact Person: Mail Services, 40 Columbus Place, 716 Columbus Avenue, extension 2114.


1.Requesting department completes a mail distribution form and attaches to the outgoing item. This form can be obtained by calling x2114. The form must include the requesting department 's account I.D. in order to ensure proper billing. Charges are automatically debited from the requesting departments postage expense account.

2. Requesting department either places mail in the department's outgoing mail bin or calls extension 2114 to request a special pick up.