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Business Office - Bookstore Purchases


Title: Bookstore Purchases
Policy / Procedure No: BO002
Purpose: To define procedures for purchasing work-related items at the Bookstore.
Who Performs: University Bookstore staff.
Documents Needed: Procurement Card or Green Bookstore Requisition .
General Information: Items purchased with a Bookstore Requisition or Procurement Card are charged at a discount off retail pricing.
Special Instructions: Bookstore requisitions must be used only for purchasing work-related items.
Contact Department: NU Bookstore, 4 Ell Building (lower level), x2286.


Procedure for Procurement Card:

  1. Procard holder can go to Bookstore and bring merchandise to the designated faculty/staff register at the front of the bookstore.

  2. Procard holder should notify the cashier that the transaction will be on the Procard.

  3. The cashier will ring up the sale, applying appropriate discounts and not applying tax.

  4. Procard holder will sign receipt and keep copy for his/her records.

Procedure for Green Requisition:

  1. Department contact obtains green Bookstore Requisition from the Business Office at 123 Cullinane Hall.

  2. Department contact completes Bookstore Requisition and obtains required authorization signature.

  3. Department contact brings requisition to the Bookstore and selects items to be purchased.

  4. Department contact brings the items and requisition to the designated faculty/staff register at the front of the Bookstore.

  5. Cashier fills out necessary areas on requisition and department contact initials and signs completed requisition.

  6. Cashier gives department contact a carbon copy of the requisition and a reciept for office files.

  7. All purchases appear on the monthly budget sheets.