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Business Office - Batterymarch Conference Center


Title: Batterymarch Conference Center
Policy / Procedure No: BO001
Purpose: To define procedures for making reservations at the Batterymarch Conference Center.
Who Performs: Batterymarch Conference Center; home page link
General Information: Batterymarch Conference Center is available to serve the needs of the University community for off-site conferences, retreats and events. The Center is available to any department, group or organization on a scheduled first-come, first-served basis for day meetings and other events and conferences.
Contact Department: Director of Sales and Marketing, Batterymarch Conference Center, 89 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, The Hilton Financial District Hotel, Boston, MA 02110. 617-556-8000


1. Department contact calls 617-556-8000 for available dates and pricing information.

2. Department contact calls 617-556-8000 to confirm date.

3. Conference center staff reserves the date, writes a contract, and sends the contract to the department contact.

4. Department contact signs and returns the contract to the Batterymarch Conference Center.

5. Conference Center staff will call at least five days prior to the event to confirm the number of guests and to accomodate any special requests.