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The Boston Action Club presents a forum of interactive meetings on movement neuroscience for researchers in the Boston area. The series of talks is interdisciplinary bringing together presenters and audience from such disparate fields as Biology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, Psychology and Cognitive Science, Physics, and Kinesiology. The presentations are held in a highly interactive style, followed by more interactions in social gatherings.

Schedule Spring 2014

Location:    306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
                   January 23              Jooeun Ahn 
Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
A Simple but Adequate Model of Human Walking
                   Feburary 13            Vittorio Caggiano
                                                   (McGovern Institute, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT)
Optogenetics in Motor Control
                    March 13               Terry Sanger abstract
                                                   (Neurology, Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California)
Risk-Aware Control of Movement
                    April 10                  Dava Newman abstract
                                                   (Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Systems, MIT)
Assessing Astronaut Performance across the Spectrum of Gravity
                    May 8
                    Armin Fuchs abstract
                                                   (Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences and Department of Physics
                                                   Florida Atlantic University
Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries - Acute State and Short-Term Recovery
                    May 22                   Peter Strick abstract
                                                   (Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh)
Neuroanatomy of the Brain - Two Stories:
Basal Ganglia Circuits: Thinking Outside the Traditional "Loops"
What is the Neural Basis of the "Mind-Body Connection?"
Schedule Fall 2013

Location:    306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
                   September 12        Dagmar Sternad 
                                                   (Biology, ECE, Physics, Northeastern University)
Variability and Stability in Skill Learning and Retention
                   October 3               Neville Hogan
                                                   (Mechanical Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT)
Controlling Physical Interaction
                    October 24            Andy Ruina
                                                   (Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University)
Gilders, Bicycles, and Walking Robots - From Passive Dynamics to Active Control
                    November 21         Bence Olveczky
                                                   (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University)
Functional Modularity in Motor Skill Learning
                    December 12          Matthew Goodwin
                                                   (Health and Computer Science, Northeastern University)
Developing and Applying Wireless Physiological Activity Sensors to Study Individuals with Autism

Schedule Spring 2013

Location:    306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
                    January 10            Hermano Igo Krebs 
                                                  (Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
Distinct Robotic Training Protocols Differentially Alter Motor Recovery in Chronic Stroke

                    Faburary 7             Brett Fajen and Jonathan Matthis abstract
                                                  (Cognitive Science, RPI)
                                                  Guiding Locomotion in Complex and Dynamic Environments

                    Faburary 28           David Paydarfar
                                                   (Neurology, University of Massachusetts Medical School
                                                   Wyss Institute, Harvard University)

                                                 Neural Oscillators on the Edge: Harnessing Noise to Promote Stability

                    March 21               Frank Guenther abstract
                                                   (Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, BU)
The Neural Mechanisms of Speech: From Computational Modeling to Neural Prosthesis
                    April 11
                 Tamar Flash
                                                  (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science,
                                                  Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Motor Planning, Timing, Perception and Coordination: Seeking Common Principles across Tasks and Levels of Representation

                    May 23                  Alvaro Pascual-Leone abstract
                                                  (Neurology, Harvard Medical School)
                                                  Modulating Brain Networks to Promote Functional Rehabilitation

Schedule Fall 2012

Location:    306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
                    September 20      Michael Turvey 
                                                 (Psychology, University of Connecticut)
                                                  Human Odometry: Experiments and Theoretical Implications

                    October 25           Dan Ferris abstract
                                                  (Bioengineering, University of Michican)
                                                  Robotic Exoskeletons and Mobile Brain Imagings for Human Locomotion

                    Novermber 8       Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi
                                                  (Rehabilitation institute of Chicago, Northwestern University)
                                                  Learning to Move and Learning to Push
                  December 13        Rob Howe
                                                 (Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science)
Why do simple robot grippers work as well as human hands?

Schedule Spring 2012

Location:    340 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
                    January 12          Eve Marder
                                                (Biology, Brandeis University)
A Variability, Homeostasis, and Modulation in a Rhythmic Motor Network
                    February 2          CJ Heckman
                                                 (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)
                                                 Reverse engineering motor output
                                                 to identify the detailed structure of motor commands

                    February 23        Cara Stepp
                                                 Biomedical Engineering, Boston University)
                                                 Voluntary Control of Anterior Neck Musculature in Individuals with Dysphagia  
                    March 15            Heidi Schambra
                                                (Neurology, Columbia University)
                                                Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)
                                               - A Primer: What it Does, How it Works

                    March 29            Mark Shelhamer
                                                (Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University)
                                                Prediction and Adaptation in Saccades, and the Role of Fractal Correlations

                    April 12               Daniel Corcos
                                                (Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Chicago)
                                                A Comparison of the Effects of Progressive Resistance Exercise
                                                and Flexibility and Balance Exercise on Parkinsonís Disease

                    June 7                 Devin Jindrich
                                                (Kinesiology, California State University)
                                                The LIMB Lab: Comparative Biomechanics and Motor Control,
                                                with Applications to Ergonomics and Rehabilitation

                    August 2             Andrea d'Avella abstract
                                                (Laboratory of Neuromotor Physiology, University of Rome)
Muscle Synergies for Motor Control

Schedule Fall 2011

Location:    340 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         

September 8      Tamar Flash
                            (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute, Israel)

September 15    Matthew Tresch
                            (Biomedical Engineering, RIC, Northwestern University)

October 6           Edwin Robertson
                            (Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University)

October 20        Ed Large (Center of Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
                           and Psychology, Florida Atlantic University)
November 10    Andrew Biewener (Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology,
                           Harvard University)

December 1       Amy Bastian (Neurology, Kennedy Krieger Institute
                           and Johns Hopkins University)

December 8      Dinesh Pai (Computer Science,
                          University of British Columbia, Canada)

Schedule Spring 2011

Location:    340 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         

January 13        Natalia Dounskaia (Life Sciences, Arizona State University)

February 3        Jack Dennerlein (School of Public Health, Harvard University)

February 17      Paul Dizio (Psychology and Neuroscience, Brandeis University)

March 10          Andrew Spence
                           (Royal Veterinary College, University of London, England)
March 17          Richard Marsh (Biology, Northeastern University)

April 14            Francisco Valero-Cuevas
    (Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California) abstract

May 19            John Krakauer
    (Neurology, Johns Hopkins University) abstract

June 2              Rebecca Spencer
    (Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

June 30           
 Avijit Bakshi
    (Physics and Neuroscience, Brandeis University)

Schedule Fall 2010

Location:    340 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:          Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                         
September 16     Dagmar Sternad (Biology, ECE, & Physics, Northeastern University) abstract

                      September 30     Tom Roberts (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Brown University) abstract

                      October 14          Marco Santello (Bioengineering, Arizona State University) abstract

                      November 4        Richard Ivry 
                                                 (Cognitive and Brain Sciences, University of California at Berkeley ) abstract
                      December 9        Vincent Cheung (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT) abstract

Schedule Spring 2010

Location:    340 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:         Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                          
                     January 21            Cara Lewis (Physical Therapy, Boston University)   abstract

                     February 11           John Jeka (Kinesiology, University of Maryland)  abstract

                     March 18               Simon Giszter (Neurobiology and Anatomy, Drexel University)  abstract
                     March 31 (wed)     Jim Collins (Biomedical Engineering, Boston University) abstract

                     April 29                 Madhu Venkadesan
                                                 (Engineering & Applied Sciences and Human Evolutionary Biology,
                                                  Harvard University) abstract

                     May 13                  William Warren (Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Brown University) abstract                                                                                                                                                             
                     June 3                   Robert Ajemian (Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT) abstract

                     June 22 (Tue)        Paul Gribble & Jeremy Wong (University of Western Ontario) abstract

Schedule Fall 2009
Location:    340 or 206 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time:         Thursdays, 5 - 6:30pm                                                    

                      September 3        Ken Holt (Physical Therapy, Boston University)   abstract

                      September 24      Joe Perkell (Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT)  

                      October 15           Jean-Jacques Slotine
                                                  (Mechanical Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT)

              November 5         Simon Giszter (Neurobiology and Anatomy, Drexel University)  

                      December 3         Daniel Bullock (Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University abstract                                    

                                                    Schedule Spring 2009

                          January 22          Elliot Saltzmann (Physical Therapy, Boston University)  abstract
                                                     'Inter-unit Timing in Speech Production: Pattern, Stability, and Hierarchy'

                          February 12         Joseph Ayers (Biology, Northeastern University)  
                                                                       'Controlling Biomimetic Underwater Robots with Electronic Nervous Systems'

                          March 5               Igo Krebs (Mechanical Engineering, MIT) 
                                                      'Neurorehabilitation and Robotics: What Have We Learned So Far'

                          March 26            
Emilio Bizzi (Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT)
                                                      'My Take on What We Know and What We Do Not Know about the Vertebrate Motor

                          April 16               Paul Dizio (Psychology, Brandeis University)
                                                      'Motor adaptations to limb and object dynamics in human arm movements'

                          May 14               
Maurice Smith (Engineering and Applied Science & Center for Brain Science,
                                                      Harvard University
)   abstract
                                                      'Credit Assignment, Time-scales, and Basic Elements in Motor Learning'
                                                      [Understanding of the Nitty-Gritty Details of Motor Learning and its Practical Import...]

                          June 4               
 Richard Marsh (Biology, Northeastern University)   abstract
                                                      'Mechanics and Energetics of In Vivo Muscle Function'

                          July 2                  Round Table Discussion on
                                                      Falsification as Scientific Stragegy in Movement Neuroscience
with short presentations by:
                                                       Neville Hogan, Mechanical Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT
                                                       Eliot Saltzman, Physical Therapy, Boston University
                                                       Richard Marsh, Biology, Northeastern University
                                                       Paul DiZio, Psychology and Neuroscience, Brandeis University
                                                       Robert Ajemian, Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT
                                                       Alex Byrne, Philosophy, MIT

                                                               Penn State Action Club (1995-2008)

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