Award Recipients


Colin Ida, E’15, industrial engineering
Originally an American Sign Language major, Colin transitioned to industrial engineering, where he made an immediate impression on the faculty. One professor states, “Colin transferred into ‘Intro to E’ several weeks late. He made up the material faster than any student who has ever transferred in, and the work was better than most who had been in class from the beginning.” The honors student has done a summer internship at Lockheed Martin in Boulder, Colo., and has completed two co-ops at Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute in Boston. He is currently on co-op at Goldman Sachs.

Anne Lally, E’15, industrial engineering major
At her co-op in project management at Massachusetts General Hospital, Anne displayed excellent initiative, teamwork, and leadership skills. In her Operations Research class, Anne’s final group project was one of the most creative, demonstrating her ability to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Anne worked as a teaching assistant with Professor Beverly Jaeger, who says that she couldn’t have envisioned a better person for this position. Outside the classroom, she has shown great leadership skills as a captain of the women’s club lacrosse team. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and is currently on co-op at Bluestone Energy.

Jaimie Rogner, E’15, chemical engineering major, biochemical engineering minor
Jaimie is an Amelia Peabody Scholar and a Thomas J. Watson Scholar, who has excelled academically while pursuing her passion for research and medicine. She worked at Cubist Pharmaceuticals during one co-op, where she gained a better understanding of research and drug delivery in the pharmaceutical industry. Jaimie will work in Professor Shashi Murthy’s lab this summer, where she will focus on multiple projects that combine fundamentals in materials design and cell-and biomolecule-surface interactions to address problems in biotechnology. She plans to become a docto