Presidential Global Fellows

Designation as a Presidential Global Fellow is an honor given on the basis of students' academic standing, leadership qualities, and understanding of the importance of the global experience to their education, personal development, and career goals. Presidential Global Fellows are chosen by a Presidential Global Fellows Selection Committee from a group of up to 200 Presidential Global Scholars, and the selection must be approved by the president.

Award Recipients

Erin Cooney, BHS’14, global health major. International co-ops at GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis in Dubai and at Northeastern College of Professional Studies/Swinburne University in Melbourne.
The first Northeastern student to graduate with a global health major, Erin has used her experiential learning opportunities to gain insight into how to improve health worldwide. Through Dialogue of Civilizations programs in Spain and South Africa, she studied healthcare management and international medicine. Erin’s recent work as a learning support specialist and health education consultant at GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis in Dubai allowed her to delve into culturally sensitive health education. Erin has traveled to four continents to study, work, conduct research, and participate in service learning. Following graduation, Erin plans to return to Dubai, where she will study health in a cultural context before pursuing a doctorate in international public health.

Zuren Tai Zhang, E’14, industrial engineering major, business minor. International co-ops at Faithful+Gould in Singapore, at Verny S.A. and Ying Yu Ltd. in Shanghai, and at Divalek S.A. in Montevideo, Uruguay.
With his academic excellence, fluency in four languages, and multiple international work experiences, Zuren has positioned himself to become a global business leader and thinker. At his various co-ops and internships, he has assisted in consulting and construction projects and provided translation and liaison services for the import/export industry. He worked with maritime agents at the port of Montevideo. His passion for engineering and business shines in his capstone project, where, in conjunction with his former employer NxStage Medical Inc., he defined and designed a cost-effective process to make NxStage’s home hemodialysis machines operate more efficiently.