Harold D. Hodgkinson Awards

The Harold D. Hodgkinson Award is a university-wide award and is one of the highest honors that a senior at Northeastern University can receive. The award is based primarily on distinguished scholastic achievement with due consideration of character, personality, qualities of leadership, cooperative work experience, and service in voluntary organizations and activities. Each college may nominate one student to be considered for the award.

Award Recipients

Brooke Gasson, SSH’14, criminal justice major
Brooke’s unparalleled work ethic and passion for knowledge and mentoring are the cornerstones of her illustrious college career. While earning a 4.00 GPA, she combined her passion for politics and her growing global perspective by participating in the Balkans Dialogue of Civilizations; she also blogged about the Bosnian War and the regional politics. As co-chair of the Student Conduct Board for the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, she has displayed keen leadership and mentoring skills that garner praise from peers and professors alike. She worked as an analyst at the U.S. Department of Justice, and she has been accepted to Harvard Law School for the fall.

James Maniscalco, S’14, physics major
This highly accomplished student-researcher has remained on the Dean’s List since he came to Northeastern and has earned numerous prestigious awards, fellowships, and academic accolades. During a research stint at Harvard Medical School, he worked on a project related to rapid detection of autism, leading to a co-bylined paper in the prestigious journal PLoS ONE. As the confirmation of the Higgs Boson particle became international news, James was at CERN working on the Large Hadron Collider with top scientists from around the globe. He worked in several Northeastern labs, creating nanotubes for applications such as solar cells and medical implants. All five years, he volunteered with the Math*STARS program, working every week as a tutor-mentor for middle schoolers. He will begin work on his doctorate in accelerator physics at Cornell University in the fall.

Matthew Schmidt, BHS’14, pharmacy studies major, business administration minor
Matthew’s distinguished scholastic achievement is rivaled by his superb leadership and service record. A 3.976 GPA ranks him first in his class in pharmacy studies. Matt’s three co-op positions allowed him to excel in an independent community pharmacy, a hospital pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical industry, where he was directly involved with the implementation of early-phase clinical trials on a global scale. He held member and leadership positions with the Industry Pharmacists Organization and the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists, among several other groups. Matt’s natural abilities as a leader were allowed to shine at the local and national levels when he organized an advocacy program to support two Massachusetts pharmacy- related bills and when he was chosen as a delegate at a major advocacy event in Washington, D.C.