Graduate Teaching Awards

The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards for significant accomplishments in teaching are presented annually by the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and the Office of the Provost.

Award Recipients

Christopher Baillie, doctoral candidate in ecology, evolution, and marine biology
Christopher, who teaches general biology and ecology, is credited for redesigning the lab portion of the ecology course to take advantage of virtual learning and Web resources to teach students everything from conducting and analyzing experiments to extracting data from existing literature and synthesizing the information. His innovative teaching style is emblematic of his commitment to excellence in teaching and his overall approach to graduate school and being a scientist.

Kristi Girdharry, doctoral candidate in English
Kristi, a third-year doctoral candidate, is praised by her students as kind, supportive, and demanding. Her faculty advisers say that the high quality of Kristi’s teaching is extremely unusual for a graduate student. Of her teaching philosophy, Kristi writes, “As a composition teacher, encouraging a deep understanding of how reading and writing are connected as socially situated activities, and the practice of effective and ethical communication of writing in various contexts, are what drive my pedagogy. I work to foster agency, authority, and critical thinking.”