Graduate Research Awards

The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards for significant accomplishments in research are presented annually by the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and the Office of the Provost.

Award Recipients 

Wenjun ZhangWenjun Zhang, doctoral candidate in interdisciplinary engineering

Wenjun is currently in her final semester of doctoral study at Northeastern. Her work has been focused on developing sensor technologies to help improve personal health and quality of life. She has published nine journal articles and developed, as a coinventor, the first original patent on a noninvasive salivary glucose monitoring system. The invention has since been licensed to a biosensing venture company. Wenjun’s faculty mentor describes her as “a mature, talented scholar who has helped tremendously to accelerate our interdisciplinary research agendas at Northeastern.”

emmaAnjuli Fahlberg, doctoral candidate in sociology

Anjuli’s research is in the field of comparative urban studies, and she has gained recognition for her expertise on urban violence, state power, and policing strategies in Brazilian cities. She’s a co-author of three publications, one of which appears in a highly ranked urban studies journal. In addition to her publications, she has been credited for developing novel methods for studying online communities and the intersection of digital networks and more traditional, geographically bounded forms of community. Anjuli is currently on her third research trip in Rio de Janeiro.