Graduate Research Awards

The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards for significant accomplishments in research are presented annually by the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and the Office of the Provost.

Award Recipients

Sujeet Akula, doctoral candidate in physics
Sujeet, who is in his final year working toward a doctorate, is nationally recognized as one of the 50 most promising young researchers in theoretical elementary particle physics. He has already published seven articles in top-rated, peer-reviewed journals. As an indication of his international research recognition, he has accepted a three-year postdoctoral position at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, which has one of the most outstanding labs for research in Sujeet’s area of physics.

Mollie Ruben, doctoral candidate in psychology
Mollie’s adviser calls her the “complete researcher”—avid and very talented—as well as an excellent communicator, citizen, teacher, and collaborator. Her program of research is in health psychology, with a focus on patients’ experiences of physical pain and how psychosocial factors can impact and possibly ameliorate physical pain. She studies how patients’ perception of physical pain can be altered through provider communication and accuracy at judging physical pain and affective experience. Mollie is an author of seven published articles; four of her manuscripts are currently under review.

Ziyao Zhou, doctoral candidate in electrical and computer engineering
Ziyao’s cutting-edge research is on the discovery of novel magnetoelectric multiferroic thin-film heterostructures. He is a prolific author, with more than 20 papers published in respected journals, and his faculty adviser places him among the top graduate students in his research group over the past decade. During his doctoral study, Ziyao has shown great diligence, creativity, and team spirit, says his adviser.